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Smog Check

Star Certified Smog Station in Marysville, CA

Smog Check in Yuba City, CA

The state of California requires most vehicles to undergo a smog check once every two years. When it nears time for your vehicle to receive its biennial smog test, visit GM Specialist.

We're a Star Certified Smog Test and Repair Station in Yuba City, CA. When you're notified that you need a smog check - and especially if you're told you need a STAR station to perform it - contact our team. We're not far from Marysville, CA or Plumas Lake, CA.

Introduced in the 1970s as part of the Clean Air Act, smog checks are especially beneficial to California. With so many vehicles on the road, it's important to find viable ways to preserve our air and environment. Regular emissions testing reduces smog, keeps pollutants out of the air, and contributes to a healthier state.

Smog Check at GM Specialist

During a smog check, our team will test your vehicle’s exhaust system to ensure it is not emitting too many pollutants or too much smog into the environment. Equipped with special tools designed for emissions testing, we will measure the amount of emissions your vehicle produces and compare the amount to California’s standards.

Smog checks are required for many CA vehicles, including:

  • Most vehicles manufactured after 1997.
  • Diesel vehicles with a Gross Vehicle Weight (GVWR) less than 14,000 lbs.
  • Natural gas powered vehicles less than 14,000 lbs

If your vehicle needs a smog check, put our team to work. We’ll carefully check your car’s emissions and help you determine whether repairs are necessary.

STAR Certified Smog Testing Location

GM Specialist is a STAR certified test and repair location. This means we meet the high standards put forth by the Bureau of Automotive Repairs. It also means we can test emissions and repair exhausts for vehicles that must test a STAR station, as determined by the DMV and indicated on your smog check notice. We've earned our position as a professional STAR smog check station for taking our work seriously and committing ourselves to providing exemplary exhaust service for each and every customer we see.

Facts About CA Smog Checks

  • Many counties in California require two year smog checks.
  • Your renewal notice from the California DMV will tell you where you can go to have a smog check performed. It may require you to visit a STAR station.
  • You need to register your vehicles within 90 days of receiving your “smog certificate,” the paper detailing the results of the emissions test.
  • With only a few exceptions, you need to produce the current smog certificate when transferring a vehicle.

Help improve California's air and drive legally. Get your biennial smog check and emissions inspection at GM Specialist. Our team is more than happy to check your smog levels and authorized to perform tests and repairs under STAR certification. Call or visit us today, or click the button below to contact us online.

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